adminuser - 8 Jun 2022

Avoid Germs While Traveling – Use Trip Wipes

Have you ever caught a cold while traveling? If you answered yes, you are not alone. In fact about 20% of travelers have reported developing a cold within a week of flying. With hundreds of millions of people passing through airport terminals and flying this year, it is easy to see how germs can linger around. Minute Suites has a meticulous cleaning process for our rooms, but not every place in the airport can be as sanitary. Do not fear, however, you don’t  have to surrender to germs while traveling with Trip Wipes. They are the solution to your on-the-go cleaning needs. 

Highlights of Trip Wipes:

  • Easy to travel with.
  • Beautifully packaged.
  • Triclosan-Free
  • Biodegradable
  • Cruelty-free
  • Smell great (no more icky alcohol scents)

The majority of illnesses humans catch are respiratory and gastro-intestinal infections. These illnesses enter through our T- Zone which includes mucous membranes of our eyes, nose, and mouth. Keeping germs away from these commonly touched areas is the key to not getting sick. Trip Wipes are the perfect solution to keep your hands and other cold catching areas clean at all times.

Travel In Peace With Trip Wipes

Trip Wipes are antibacterial wipes that allow people to travel in peace. Not only are they small and compact to make traveling with them a breeze, they are colorfully packaged lending to the perfect Instagram picture for your next trip! 

Many antibacterial wipes are made with triclosan, an ingredient that kills germs effectively but causes skin irritation, allergies, and may lead to the weakening of your immune system. Trip Wipes removed the need for triclosan and replaced the ingredient with healthier options for eliminating germs. No more itchy or dry skin from your sanitizing wipes with Trip Wipes. 

Aside from their small package and wholesome ingredients, Trip Wipes are environmentally safe, biodegradable, and promote the message of sustainability. Being that this is a convenience item that’s sold individually, an environmentally conscious concept is important to cut down on pollution. The ingredients used in the germ busting wipes are also environmentally safe. You’d be hard pressed to find another travel wipe company as environmentally aware as Trip Wipes. 

The Trip Wipes company also has a huge heart and is dedicated to the cause of disease prevention around the world. A total of  3% of their yearly profits go to the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID). The NFID is a non-profit organization with the mission to educate the public and healthcare professionals about prevention, causes, and treatments of disease. The foundation is dedicated to making a healthier world, which mirrors Trip Wipes’ commitment.

To get a complete overview of how Trip Wipes are the better alternative to traditional sanitary wipes, visit their website. The company also has a great Instagram page you should check out while you’re at it.

Stay Well With Trip Wipes and Minute Suites

Next time you stop in at one of our many Minute Suites locations, purchase a few Trip Wipes to help you travel with peace of mind. You never know when you’ll want to wipe off your seat, a door handle, or even your cellphone while traveling. Have a great and germ-free trip from the Minute Suites team.