d.hollembaek@minutesuites.com - 19 Jun 2022

COVID-19 – Can You Really Social Distance in Airports?

The unprecedented coronavirus pandemic continues to threaten every person in the world. This virus and actions to limit its spread affect everyone especially those in the airline travel industry.

Travel numbers rise daily as everyone seeks normalcy, but with more flyers there’s more COVID virus exposure risk. Our most effective defenses to limit infection include proper mask wearing to prevent droplet spread, proper social distancing, and washing or sanitizing hands. This is especially important in crowded settings like airports.

Many questions have been raised about how a person can truly social distance themselves in terminals. Travelers face TSA lines, close unpredictable passenger flight seating, and waiting hours in airports between flights. Social distancing is challenging, but not impossible.

Wear Your Mask at All Times

The CDC states that simple proper mask use helps control the spread of COVID 19. This virus spreads through air droplets. These droplets reach others less if we all wear protective masks. Many infected people remain asymptomatic and don’t realize they still pose a risk to others. By wearing a mask, you reduce the chance of unknowingly spreading COVID.

As you enter an airport, you will see all employees in masks and even some wearing full face shields and heavy-duty gloves for protection. The airports are doing their best to keep you safe from droplet spread.

When you clear security and enter terminals, you will recognize increased safety protocols at many airport businesses. From wearing masks and gloves to increasing their frequency in sanitizing tables, chairs, and counters, the airport concessionaires care about your health and the wellness of their team members.

Minute Suites established the standard for airport cleanliness since we opened in 2009. Over ten years before this pandemic, we led the industry in “clean”. Beginning In February 2020 we reviewed and enhanced our cleaning process. From plastic shields on our front desk to fogging our rooms with Oxivir after each guest, we are taking every precaution possible to keep you safe.

Follow the Social Distancing Rules

Social distancing measures have been implemented in every public building we enter. The important rule of staying 6 feet apart is crucial to fighting against the virus.

While in line at airport security, you will see guides that place everyone 6 feet apart. In the terminal, restaurants have distanced tables to keep you safe, as well. Lounge and open public business now limit customers to 50% of previous capacity.
Minute Suites features natural built in social distancing. Unlike lounges or restaurants, our rooms have always been separated by walls that physically separate you from other guests.

Minute Suites Private Suites for Social Distancing

We are the natural option for you to social distance yourself at the airport. Our suites have always provided a clean, serene, and safe place for you to relax while traveling. With layover times increasing due to fewer flights and unpredictable social distancing on airplanes, finding a safe secluded spot is tough!

You will never find a better place to completely separate yourself from the crowd and properly social distance at the airport than in a Minute Suites private retreat.

Our service is currently available in Dallas-Fort Worth and Charlotte airports. We expect to reopen soon in Atlanta and Philadelphia. We anticipate new locations opening in Baltimore, JFK, and several more airports this fall. Travelers will soon have more Minute Suites locations to social distance themselves in airports!

Social Distancing in Airports with Minute Suites

Social distancing while traveling is possible, especially if you are in an airport with a Minute Suites. As you resume flying, we recommend booking your private suites with us before you take-off on our website or with our app.

To keep up to date with our reopening and new openings of locations, follow us on social media. Have a clean & serene day, and we hope we can help you social distance at the airport soon!