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Minute Suites: One Of The Cleanest Places in the Airport

COVID-19 created a “new normal” for traveling. When we are flying, we now seek our own social distancing space. Completely private locations are not readily available in all terminals, but over the past months, social distancing efforts have been implemented in airports around the world.

If you happen to have a layover in DFW, BNA, BWI, ATL, CLT, or PHL airports, you will have access to THE BEST and CLEANEST place to social distance yourself in the airport. These locations inside security within airport terminals are Minute Suites.

Stay Clean & Serene in a Minute Suite

When our first location opened in 2009, we employed a medical-grade cleaning protocol. We are also known as one of the only places for travelers to get away from the crowded airport terminals and social distance themselves from others.

Our founders are healthcare industry managers, doctors, surgeons, and physicians. Cleaning procedures for all locations has always been top priority. We constantly revisit and revise our sanitation process as new global health concerns arise. COVID-19 is the most recent travel related health emergency, but we also weathered the storm of H1N1 in 2009.

Our company continues to provide private and clean in-terminal suites to airline travelers. Our motto is “Clean and Serene” because we are the place for you to escape and unwind comfortably, but most importantly safely during your travels.

“Clean & Serene” is more than just a slogan, however, it is the promise that you’ll have a relaxing space to rest that is safe for your layover.

Minute Suites Enhanced Cleaning Policy

We sanitize in-between each guest’s stay to ensure a clean environment for our customers. We’ve served over 750,000 people and continue to be one of the cleanest places you can stay during a layover.

In the wake of COVID-19, Minute Suites consulted with surgical nurses and physicians to create the best cleaning protocol possible. A few increased safety and social distancing measures have been instituted to help fight against the spread of pathogens.

New, Faster Acting Cleaning Agent

 After a medical consultant reviewed our cleaning protocol earlier this year, Minute Suites switched its disinfectant to a product called Oxivir. The agent is faster at sanitizing than our previous cleaner and it is certified by the EPA to kill COVID-19 in 60 seconds or less. This cleaning agent, along with our terrific team, is why we maintain our reputation as one of the cleanest places in the airport.

Complimentary Face Masks

Wearing a face mask in airports is becoming more and more common along with social distancing practices. Minute Suites is helping protect you from the droplet spread of illnesses while traveling by providing complimentary “Clean & Serene” masks to all guests. Whether you’re already wearing a mask or not, it never hurts to have a back-up while you are traveling!

We also will continue to stock sanitation wipes and hand sanitizer in our retail area available for purchase.

Check-In Area Social Distancing and Cleaning Measures

To ensure that we remain one of the cleanest places in the airport, we are prioritizing the safety and health of our guests and our employees. In an effort to help with social distancing, we installed plastic droplet guards on our check-in desk. These are the same kind of guards you see in grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, and other retail shops all around the country. These plastic guards are sanitized frequently by our staff.

All staff will be wearing gloves while working in our locations. UV sanitizing units for masks have also been installed at all our locations to keep our staff masks fresh and clean from germs.

Social distancing guides have been installed throughout the floors of our locations to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Our Cleaning Protocol

Minute Suites has taken pride in our high standards of cleanliness ever since we opened. To learn more about our thorough process, read our blog on how we keep you safe and clean.

Minute Suites, Your Clean Place to Social Distance at the Airport

Minute Suites is the easiest place to social distance yourself while in the airport. We follow exceptional cleaning procedures and provide you with a private and sanitized place to nap, relax, work, and more while waiting for your flight. To book with us, please click here.

We are currently located in Dallas-Fort Worth, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Baltimore, Nashville, and Atlanta airports with many new locations opening in the coming months. Stay up-to-date with new location openings by following us across our social media pages and by subscribing to our newsletter. We hope to see you soon!