adminuser - 23 Apr 2020

Our 7 Favorite Travel Podcasts

Listening to podcasts is one of our favorite ways to pass time during flights. 

And since travel happens to be our go-to topic, we thought we’d curate a few travel podcasts to inspire your next trip or shape up your bucket list. 

Travel with Rick Steves

What better place to start than with maybe the single most renowned name in the travel industry. Rick Steves has created so much travel content, especially European. Guidebooks, public television, public radio shows, syndicated columns, his own website and … you guessed it, podcasts! On Travel with Rick Steves, he interviews other experts and callers to dig deep not only into travel details but the history and cultural details of a particular destination. Listen for yourself. >>

Betty in the Sky with A Suitcase!

Betty is a flight attendant and travelphile with stories galore. Some are her own, but many are collected from the passengers, pilots and other crew members that she meets every day. This podcast is a delightful jaunt that feels part inside scoop, part personal download—mostly straight from Betty, who fondly refers to herself as “verbose” and gets such a kick out of her own stories that you’re bound to, too. See what we mean. >>   

Miles Away

Any traveler who likes to use credit card points and miles to travel more frequently—or better—probably pays attention to The Points Guy, which publishes prolific content to share travel best practices centered around making the moist of your points and miles. In Miles Away, host Zach Honig explores all kinds of destinations to appeal to any kind of traveler. Each episode features a single destination and firsthand accounts of how to experience it to the fullest. Choose your own destination here. >>

She Explores

Host Gale Straub interviews women who are inspired by spending time outdoors. The themes run the gamut from solo hiking to mother/daughter relationships to environmentalism—anything impacting the diverse women who share their stories. While it’s “for and about women,” anyone is bound to find someone you can relate to and learn from. Take a listen, submit topic ideas or even get your own voice on an episode.>>

Zero to Travel 

It’s no surprise that Jason Moore has gained notoriety for teaching people how to travel on their own terms. The advice he shares lives up to the tagline: “Start with anything. Go anywhere.” Occasional vacationers and fill-time travelers alike will find inspiration and value in Zero to Travel’s topics and feel more empowered than ever to keep on exploring and make that next journey possible. Check it out here (and find numerous other helpful travel resources!). >>


In this up and coming podcast (brand new in August 2019!), two urban dwellers pack up their life and move full-time into an RV to live on the road and explore America’s national parks. It’s brand new but incredibly promising, offering both a deeper look into the incredible parks and their history and a glimpse into the reality that is vanlife. Get in on the front end of what happens when the Kirouacs hit the road. >> 

We Travel There

In another destination-based podcast, host Lee Huffman interviews locals about the can’t-miss hidden gems in their respective cities. He covers attractions, food, drink and more. While you might know Lee Huffman from his other travel blog, all about how to maximize the budget, the podcast is for anyone, whether they’re using points and miles or cash. If you’re looking for a destination, we’re partial to “Budapest, Hungary.” See if you can figure out why. >>

We could go on, but we’ll keep the list to seven. Do you have a travel podcast you love? Share it with us! We’re always looking for travel experts willing to share their insights and best practices.