adminuser - 28 Apr 2020

Our very own Chris Glass featured in Airport Business Magazine’s Top 40 Under 40

As the Chief Operating Officer of Minute Suites, Chris Glass is helping to fuel the growth of healthy travel and combat traveler fatigue.

“There’s not enough focus on the passenger experience right now and we need to work together to improve that,” Glass said. “I think airports need to not focus so much on which concession is going to bring in the highest revenue. If we’re focusing on the passenger experience, it’s going to come back full circle.”

Glass started with Minute Suites in 2014 as the vice president of operations. Rising quickly through the ranks, he has overseen the opening of four new locations, more than doubling Minute Suites’ presence, and currently has seven new approved locations in process. Minute Suites will have 15 locations operating in 2020.

With Glass’ help, same store sales have increased by more than 75 percent and total revenue has grown by more than 600 percent since his start in 2014. This is in part due to his revamping of the staffing and management models and adjusting social media and marketing to double down on Millennials.

“Aviation is a challenge every day. No two days are alike and there’s always something to be working on – a problem that needs to be solved or something we could be working on to make processes better. It intrigues me and keeps my team and I on our toes, and there’s always something new to learn. I love that,” Glass said.

Alma Mater: Western Illinois University

Fun fact about myself: I’ve been a drummer for 20 years

Favorite aircraft: Boeing 777

Are you a pilot?: No

Someone I look up to in the industry: Gregg Paradies, he’s such a down to Earth guy and really works to be present and engaging with his teams all the way down to the front line team members. I respect that

My favorite thing about aviation is: Having the ability to impact the lives of travelers every day

If I could change one thing about the aviation industry: Put more of a focus on passenger wellness and the passenger experience

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