d.hollembaek@minutesuites.com - 19 Jun 2022

What To Do During A Long Layover

You’ve booked your flight, you are packing to go on your dream trip, you go to check your flight itinerary and you stop… apparently while in the excitement of booking your extravagant remote getaway, you didn’t see that you have a 7 hour layover between flights. Has this ever happened to you? Instead of wondering just what the heck you’re going to do with the extra time in the airport, here are some ideas to make the most of the travel experience. You’d be surprised just how many exciting activities and services there are in an airport to pass the time and even work on your wellness. 

Get Some Exercise During Your Long Layover

If you need to get some blood flowing before a flight, there’s nothing stopping you from using a safe spot to get in a mini workout. We’ve all seen online influencers who are constantly on-the-go, but still wanting to keep up their workout routine while flying. They have really upped the airport fitness game during long layovers with their videos of how they are keeping fit. From finding a secluded corner of the airport to doing some squats and jumping jacks to “mall walking” the terminals, it is very possible to get your blood pumping while you wait during a long layover. Not only will walking help you stay a safe social distance away from other travelers, it will make you nice and sleepy for your next flight.

Roam the Terminals While Waiting

You would be surprised how much thought is put into every airport terminal’s visual design. Many airports have themes like local artists displays, city history facts, and aviation inspired concepts all throughout to give the full experience of the culture and background of the area to the air traveler.

A few impressive airport displays are located in the same airports as our Minute Suites. Atlanta has spent years creating stunning art piece for all its terminals, one of our favorites is the rainforest display between terminal A and B. Charlotte has multiple local artist paintings and is also known for its famous rocking chairs placed around the airport. Those are just a few highlights of what you can find in airport terminals. Depending on where your long layover lands, you might even find museums, historic exhibits to the city, and so much more as you wait. 

Book A Private Suite For Your Layover

After you’ve gotten in your exercise and taken in the art of the airport, you might be ready for a nap. Don’t find a spot on the floor or in a chair, make your way over to a Minute Suites. We are currently located in five airports around the nation, but are expanding rapidly into new locations. At a Minute Suites, you are provided a hospital-grade clean private room with a daybed, workstation, TV, and free wifi so you can relax during your extended layover. Whether you want to rent a room your whole layover or maybe only for an hour or two, we have you covered.

You can also stock up on any sanitizing and safety products you need for the rest of your travels with our retail area; N95 masks, spray hand sanitizer, airplane seat covers, and disinfectant wipes are a few of the travel necessities we offer. We also provide complimentary “Clean & Serene” cloth masks to all our guests.

Plus, we are the perfect place to naturally social distance yourself in the airport during long layovers. 

Shopping Spree (Treat Yourself)

Ever entered one of the dozens of clothing boutiques, electronic stores, or beauty retailers available in the airport? If you take a look around, those stores are full of high end, unique finds. And, if you are lucky, they might have a good sale going on so you can get a bargain on some cool stuff during your long layover. 

If designer deals aren’t what you’re looking for, head over to the many souvenir shops and purchase a few treasures for yourself or your loved ones. We all have that family member that collects shot glasses, magnets, or coffee mugs. Make their day with another addition to their collection, it will make the long layover worth it when you see the joy your little gift brings them. 

Enjoy a Beautiful Meal During Your Long Layover

Our last tip for making your long layover a fun and memorable experience is to go and grab a high quality meal. We aren’t in the 80’s anymore where you could either get a coffee and bagel or fast food at the airport, the high quality and healthy options are endless now for travelers. 
For those wary to sit in airport restaurants, be assured that they are functioning with proper social distancing in place and they are only serving people at 50% capacity. 

So take a seat, get yourself a drink, and relax as you indulge in a delicious meal during your long layover.

Remember To Make The Most Of Your Long Layover

When you’re heading out to your next vacation, don’t dread your long layover, embrace it as a part of your travel journey. Airports are trying very hard to give passengers a full experience while traveling with the many amenities they offer. 

If you are flying through an airport with a Minute Suites, remember to book a room with us during your long layover. We are currently in a select number of airports around the nation and we are expanding rapidly. Keep up-to-date with our new location openings by following us on social media! We hope to see you soon.